Students at MacArthur honor Martin Luther King Jr.

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- What does Coca-Cola have to do with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? That's what Lawton MacArthur High School students learned on Friday through a presentation and display to honor Dr. King.

In the middle of MacArthur High School main hallway is where you will find the riveting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. display.

It tells the story and time line of the first interracial banquet in Atlanta that honored Dr. King's as a Noble Peace Prize winner in 1964.

Many people refused to support an integrated dinner to recognize Dr. King, until Coca-Cola CEO J. Paul Austin threatened to take his company out of Atlanta if the city's elite did not honor him.

The banquet sold out. 

As a woman of color and student, Amyra said the display hit home for her.

"I encourage myself to say hey I believe in our rights and our freedoms and our independence as one human race not separated by color," said Amyra Jones.

She said having the opportunity to be taught a new story of Dr. King is something each student should have the chance to learn.

"Teachers will teach you the standard curriculum and you have to get the ones that will go out of their way to take the initiative to instruct you on more ethnically diverse situations that happened in our past because history can repeat itself," said Amyra.

MacArthur High School teacher Kim Jones said this story is one she wants her students to remember.

"The more we pull out different stories that he has experienced and different stories he has written about," said Kim Jones. "The more and more we get to understand how he strived to make America look more like the United States Constitution."

Amyra said her hope is people will enjoy the display and reminisce about Dr. King's legacy.

"Think back of the old times and be happy and count their blessings and just be graced with the beauty of integrated schools, love and kindness in society and being more accepting than how they were decades ago," said Amyra.

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