Walk in Clinics see a spike in patients with flu like symptoms

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - With the rising flu numbers countless weezing, coughing and sneezing patients bitten with the flu bug and other illnesses are flooding several walk-in clinics across Southwest Oklahoma.

They've seen and treated up to 60 people a day in the last three weeks. They've also had to double up on their nursing staff and care providers as well.

"We have seen a an up tick a surge in cases of influenza both A and B. Usually we see B at the beginning of January towards February a little bit later than that. But we have seen both coming up," said Dr. Manuel Delarosa at Well Fast Urgent Care.

However, doctors said people are coming in with all sorts of flu like symptoms, but testing negative.

"People coming in with all sorts of post flu complications as well as sinus infections and bronchitis and difficulty breathing and triggering asthma attacks and stuff like that. We have seen also unusual presentations. Like back pain exclusively with the fever people with our gastrointestinal problems as well," said Delarosa.

Simple things like eating well, washing your hands, and covering your cough is very important and stops viruses from spreading. Doctor Delarosa said the flu is a fast progressive illness that causes headaches, body aches, fever, sore throat, cough congestion, and sometimes abdominal pain.

"Good nutrition good hydration are very important. If you feel the symptoms coming in stay home don't go to work," said Delarosa.

It's also important to dress correctly in the cold. Make sure you wear a coat, gloves, and scarf.

"It plays a big role and drops in temperature decreases the inability of humans as a whole and there is a an upsurge of viruses that stay dormant and do the warm part of the year as it gets cold they start surfacing up and appearing and that's when we have the flu season here in the wintertime or something new," said Delarosa.

Doctor Delarosa also recommends people to get the flu shot.

"It is important to get the flu shot it any means that may prevent the development of the illness or try to impair the spread of the disease is important," said Delarosa.

If you come into Well Fast for flu like symptoms be prepared to wait a few about 30 minutes. The staff said they are dedicated to getting everyone checked in and feeling better. Officials at CCMH said can take up to an hour or less depending on what you day you come to see the doctor, but they have seen an increase in patients with flu like symptoms.

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