Annual basketball tournament brings schools together

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Comanche County's annual basketball tournament started at the Great Plains Coliseum on Monday night with eight teams taking the court in hopes of making it to the championship game later in the week. Whether you're playing or watching, the Comanche County Tournament is a big deal for the sixteen teams playing this week and their families. Kyleigh Trupin, a former basketball player, made a special trip for the start.

"I make special trips from Norman just to come here and watch so it's a fun time," Trupin said.

She played for Sterling in this tournament six years ago and she's not the only one. Her mom and sisters also played in this tournament.

"It's just a bunch of teams from your surrounding areas, that you grew up with getting to play together and its just super fun," she said. "It's a big party because you get to see everybody."

Two years ago, Frederick and Big Pasture were added to the lineup after Cache and Elgin left the tournament.  Bobbie Middick is cheering on her daughter and the whole Frederick team this week. She's excited to have them playing there.

"I think it means a lot and a lot for our program if we can continue to get to come over here and get seen and maybe pick up a few wins along the way," Middick said.

But no matter how they're doing, she's cheering on number ten until the Bombers final buzzer.

"My favorite part is just watching my daughter play," she said. "Whether we won or we lose or whatever happens, cheer her on is what I'm here for."

The tournament goes until Saturday evening and the boys start the tournament tomorrow night at five.

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