Student-athletes juggle cheering and playing at county tournament


LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Some Walters students are juggling cheering for the boys team and playing for their girls team at the annual Comanche County Tournament this week.

Senior Bralea White and sophomore Jenna Johnson traded their basketball in for some pom-poms on Tuesday night after playing on Monday. The girls are playing all three nights of the tournament and cheering two or three nights depending on how the boys do. White said she enjoys having her fellow cheerleaders cheering her on.

"I know that I have a lot of support and it makes me feel a lot better about myself," White said.

Since they do both, Johnson said they're able to form strong bonds with both teams.

"We're like a family together, and it's really fun to just like hangout," Johnson said. "We hangout outside just sports, and it's really fun."

As for which one they like best, Johnson said she likes both.

"I have fun doing both," Johnson said. "I have fun cheering, and I have fun playing basketball cause when I'm on the basketball court I like my energy is just up."

And White said she'd pick basketball if she only had the option to do just one.

"It's more competitive," White said. "We don't really do any competitive things with cheer. So, I like the competition, but I like to cheer."

While they like doing both, these student-athletes say when it comes to school, they have to use their time wisely to make sure they get their homework done, especially with this tournament.

"It's only been one day so far, and that one day has been very busy and today has been very busy as well with basketball practice and leaving on the bus to cheer," she said.

The Walters girls won Monday night so White, Johnson and the rest of the team will take the court again on Thursday.

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