Oilton Mayor arrested for official misconduct

Oilton Mayor arrested for official misconduct

OILTON, OK (KSWO)- The Oilton city mayor is behind bars following a months-long investigation into an allegation of official misconduct. OSBI began investigating allegations of Oilton's mayor improperly embezzling money last summer.

Last July, the Creek County District Attorney requested OSBI investigate the allegations against Patrick Leon Kennedy. Kenney, the town's mayor and supervisor over the Oilton Public Works Authority (OPWA), needed to spend $8,000 left of a loan from the Oklahoma Water Resources Authority or the loose that money. Kennedy met with two OPWA workers and proposed he would approve them to receive contractor payments in exchange for splitting the payments with him. One of the workers would inspect repairs to a sewer line, while the other would install an air conditioner in the city sewer plant. When the work was completed in October 2016, the two men prepared invoices for the work – work performed while being paid by OPWA for regular jobs. Both men received payments from OPWA for that extra work. After they were paid, Kennedy met with the two men at the OPWA office. There, the workers split the cash with Kennedy in exchange for his approving them to do the work and approval of the invoices the men submitted. Kennedy received more than $5,000 in cash.

The two workers involved are witnesses in this case. They will not be charged since Kennedy coerced them to participate based on his control over their jobs.

OSBI agent arrested Kennedy on a warrant charging him with two counts of making/receiving a kickback and one count of embezzlement. Kennedy was booked into the Creek County jail on a $30,000 bond.

Information provided by OSBI.