Unique style of yoga class available in Lawton

Aerial yoga class in Lawton. (Source KSWO)
Aerial yoga class in Lawton. (Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Flying, floating and working up a sweat. That was Sundays reality for a group of individuals at Dragonfly Hot & Aerial Yoga Studio workshop.

"It was challenging, but it was a lot of fun," said Layla Englade, visitor.

Englade was just one of seven participants that took part in the aerial yoga class. She traveled from Wichita Falls just for the beginner workshop.

She said she's been doing traditional yoga for a while and recently bought a yoga trapeze for her home to step her practice up a notch.

"I wanted to figure out how to use it and hopefully one day actually teach it," said Englade.

And that's exactly what she and other participants did. Visitors were challenged to complete a full yoga sequence consisting of over 10 poses.

Many barely stopped to catch their breaths or drink water when focusing on more challenging moves such as the vampire and inverted pose.

"And then once you get done you're like wow I did that," said Englade. "So, that was pretty cool.

"We go upside down a lot because that's the fun part," said Diana Hernandez, studio owner. "I leave that towards the end of the workshop. A lot of people are afraid to be upside down so, this kind of introduces and eases them into going upside down."

Hernandez said not only is the inverted pose fun, but a great way to decompress your spine and body, which was her hope all participants took home with them.

"They feel the difference when they first walked in and how tired the body was, how inflexible they felt and how some people not in shape and then how the body feels after they leave," said Hernandez.

As for Englade, she plans to visit whenever her schedule allows, and encourages others to do the same.

"It was so relaxing and then you can feel just your whole body completely stretching out while you're doing it." said Englade.

Dragonfly Hot & Aerial Yoga Studio offers regular, hot yoga and aerial yoga seven days out the week.

You can find a list of available classes on their website.

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