Bray Doyle Public Schools closed Monday and Tuesday because of flu

Bray Doyle Public Schools closed Monday and Tuesday because of flu

BRAY-DOYLE, OK (KSWO)- The flu is starting to take a toll on schools in Southwest Oklahoma. Bray-Doyle Public Schools in Stephens County are closed Monday and Tuesday because of so many people absent with the flu.

On Friday afternoon school officials meet after they saw an increase in students and teachers out with the flu. While superintendent David Eads wasn't able  for an interview he did tell 7NEWS over the phone that they are using these two days to disinfect the school and allow students to get well.

In the past two weeks custodians with Bray Doyle Public Schools have spent the day cleaning. On Monday they were hard at work wiping down desk, doors, lockers and hallways. In addition to disinfecting areas, they also wiped down the buses, and purchased Lysol spray and Germ X for each teacher to use in the classroom.

Cherokee Rohrbough works at the gas station across the street from the school and she agrees it was a good decision to close the school.

"I do, I do I guess they are disinfecting stuff, letting these kids recover. It's a great idea but I'm nervous," said Rohrbough.

Rohrbough is new to the area and recently had a baby. She's doing whatever she can to stop the flu bug from getting her family.

"Washing my hands, Germ-Xing, I keep Germ X in my car, I keep Germ X in my pocket, and I Lysol my whole house. I'm taking very good precautions I don't want my baby to get sick," said Rohrbough.

Over the phone Superintendent David Eads said they started to see a drop in enrollment on Tuesday of last week.

In there elementary school the enrollment for students absent with the flu increased from 14 to 22 percent. In the middle school and high school that number went from 9 to 15 percent. Eads also said there were 2 principals and at least four teachers sick.

"Its crazy I haven't seen the flu this bad I mean since 2015 but even then it wasn't this bad," said Rohrbough.

Rohrbrough said the gas station is the only store in the Bray Doyle area and she's happy she hasn't seen any sick people come inside the store.

7NEWS also spoke to an educator with the Stephens County Health Department. They said they're in constant communication with schools in the district, giving them information on how to stop the flu from spreading. Since the start of flu season in October, they've vaccinated nearly 300 children under the age of 18. In adults, they've given over 450 flu shots. At the end of last 2017 more than 500 people stopped by their flu drive at the Simmons Center.

Officials said while the flu shot can help it's also important to wash your hands and cover your cough.If you are developing flu like symptoms they advise you to stay at home and go to the doctor.

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