Lawton alleyway fire under investigation

Lawton alleyway fire under investigation

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A fire that started in a Lawton alleyway this weekend is still under investigation. A homeowner on northwest Homestead Drive smelled smoke and tried to put out the fire with a garden hose after calling 9-1-1.

Miguel Rodriguez is one of those homeowners who saw damage on their fence and their backyard.

He and his wife were having a normal Saturday night at home when outside there were fire crews containing the fire just yards away from their home.

"There was the wind. Because the wind would blow that thing over here to the house," Rodriguez said. "It's frightening."

As Rodriguez inspects the damage to his fence, the Lawton Fire Marshal's office is figuring out how this fire started.

"We can't rule out that the possibility that somebody may have been back there playing with matches or lighters or smoking or doing whatever they were doing to create an ignition source," Lawton Fire Marshal Mark Mitchell said.

Mitchell said keeping alleyways clear of debris can really stop the fast spread of a fire.

"During this time of year, people need to be award of those things," Mitchell said. "If the humidity is low and the wind is high, those dangers exist. Try to keep the fuel package and fuel loads to a minimal around the exterior of a structure."

Rodriguez is thankful the fire didn't get too close, but is still thinking about the what-ifs.

"It's scary at our age that something like that may happen," Rodriguez said.

Mitchell told me that it is illegal to throw out anything that is on fire like tossing a cigarette on the ground. Because that small action could lead to big consequences like an alleyway fire.

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