Human trafficking awareness presentation at Cameron

Human trafficking awareness presentation at Cameron
LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Cameron University recognized Human Trafficking Awareness Month with a presentation from a local organization dedicated to raising awareness of the crime.

The event was held 4 p.m. Monday afternoon in the Shepler Ballroom.

Representatives from The Red Cord discussed the human trafficking problem in Oklahoma
and let attendees know the signs and indicators of sex trafficking.

The university
s Department of Social Sciences and the Criminal Justice Association organized the event in line with Camerons current academic festival, American Identities in the 21st Century.

CJA adviser Rick Lowe said presentations like Mondays bring attention to a serious crime that's closer to home than some may think.

"One of the identities we have as Americans is freedom, and there are people in our society who don't enjoy that freedom, he said, And recognizing that human trafficking isn't just something that happens around the world or in other countries, but also happens domestically in the United States, even in Oklahoma.

The Red Cord says human traffickers prey on people who are vulnerable for a variety of reasons -- like economic hardship, violence at home or mental instability.

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