Oklahoma House distributes nearly $127K in pay raises

Oklahoma House distributes nearly $127K in pay raises

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma House of Representatives has distributed nearly $127,000 in pay raises to 14 employees since Jan. 1.

According to the state Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the largest pay increase was $20,000, a 30 percent increase.

A spokesman for House Speaker Republican Charles McCall tells the Tulsa World that the money came from the House's appropriated operating budget.

The House raises come as lawmakers are being asked to consider tax hikes on tobacco and fuel to fund core services and raises for teachers.

Alicia Priest is the president of Oklahoma Education Association. She doesn't question the raises, saying it's her understanding they were given to keep quality staff.

A spokesman for Republican Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz says the Senate hasn't given out pay raises since Jan. 1.