Low pay rate directly correlates with teacher shortage

Low pay rate directly correlates with teacher shortage

OK (KSWO)- A new survey shows a definitive link between low pay and the ongoing teacher shortage in the state.

The survey was completed by over 7,000 active educators who have left or no longer teach in Oklahoma. A large majority of those asked said that low pay and poor classroom funding are the main reasons they left the state to teach elsewhere. Ninety-percent of responders also believe that other teachers were leaving for the same reason.

State superintendent Joy Hofmeister commented on the survey results, saying they indicate a clearer path to fixing Oklahoma's education problems.  She said in part, quote, "Pay is no cure-all to staving off this shortage, but without regionally competitive compensation, we are trying to win a home run contest with one arm held behind our back."

The survey also indicated that most teachers felt the quality of their work environment had gotten worse over time.

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