Flu virus claims 74 lives in Oklahoma

Flu virus claims 74 lives in Oklahoma

OK (KSWO)- The flu is hitting Oklahoma hard with 74 deaths state-wide since the season began.

Doctors at OU Medical Center say the flu generally leaves people miserable for about a week, and that the best way to avoid the flu is to get the shot. Unfortunately, the shot takes about two weeks to kick in, and this year's batch isn't the most effective.

"The flu is a viral Pneumonia. It is actually quite serious. It's not a stomach bug. It's not a cold. It will lay you out and it may kill you," explained Dr. Rachel Franklin.

Doctors say that if you can tolerate it, it's best to let the fever run its course and that it should be safe to go back to work or school 48-hours after the fever breaks.

They also say that with at least two months left in the flu season, it's not too late to get the shot.

So far, almost 1,600 people have been hospitalized this flu season. In southwest Oklahoma, Comanche County leads the number of flu hospitalizations with 52 cases. Stephens County follows with 29 cases.

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