Doctors warn against eating Tide Pods

Doctors warn against eating Tide Pods

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- It's a viral trend going with a big health warning and doctors are still urging against the Tide Pod challenge.

It started making the rounds online last month-- videos show young adults eating the colorful laundry pods as a challenge.

Poison Control Centers say they've seen 40 cases in the last 15 days.

Ingesting the pods can cause seizures, respiratory arrest, and even death.

We spoke to a doctor at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.  He says eating these pods is not normal behavior.

"I think it's pretty insane. I know kids like to do wild things. They like to stretch the limit as much as they can. But, when its stretching the limit to things that can potentially kill you, that seems to me just too extreme," said Dr. Richard Brittingham.

Procter and Gamble, which makes the pods, is actively working to stop the challenge.  It's working with social media companies to remove videos online.

If your child has eaten one, contact your doctor and poison control straight away.

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