Child overdoses at Chickasha daycare

Child overdoses at Chickasha daycare

CHICKASHA, OK (KSWO)- A Chickasha mother says she is concerned after her son suffered an overdose while at a daycare.

Cassandra Robert's 1-year-old son was born with half a heart and needed medication three times a day for his health. Roberts said the boy is only supposed to take less than a milliliter per dose but a substitute teacher mistakenly gave him three days' worth of medication instead.

The child is now fine, and the daycare fired the person responsible for the incident but Roberts still has serious concerns.

"They just need to be more cautious and really read up on the children they're getting because, if they don't, another parent is going to experience this and it's horrible. It's a nightmare."

The daycare said they had, "taken care" of the situation, not only removing the substitute but also reporting themselves to DHS. They say that only certain workers can medicate children and the substitute was out of line.

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