Superintendent speaks on district closure due to flu outbreak

ELGIN, OK (KSWO) - Elgin's superintendent is explaining why they're one of many districts in our area who canceled school because of the flu. Elgin's superintendent, Nate Meraz said canceling school Friday and Monday was a decision they didn't take lightly but felt it was necessary.

Meraz said he checked the student information list regularly on Thursday to see how the flu was impacting students.

"I hit the refresh button to get an up to date look at things and the number kept climbing," Meraz recalls.

After seeing the numbers climb throughout the day, he met with the administrative staff and decided to close Friday and Monday.

"We're in concentrated quarters and so we're just trying to give ourselves a break from that and see if this works and so we can get back to the health that we normally expect," Meraz said.

During the time they're closed, their day and night custodial staff will be working extra hard to get the school clean.

"So they'll live it a little extra cleaning and hit it with some high concentration of our cleaning agents in an attempt to get the virus off all surfaces and so that when we come back on Tuesday we'll start with a fresh bill," he said.

Meraz said closing the school isn't a decision he makes lightly because he understands that parents are going to be inconvenienced and routines are going to be disrupted.

"I do weight that heavily on my mind but then at the end of the day I just think 'what's my best decision that I can live with that's what's best for the kids' and that's what I came to," Meraz said.

Extra-curricular activities at Elgin will continue as scheduled because they are voluntary.

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