Flu outbreak prompts fun day for students and parents

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-As many of you know, dozens of schools across Southwest Oklahoma are closed today because of the flu. That meant some parents had to take the day off to watch their kids.But instead of just staying in with children who are not sick, many decided to take the kids and  find something fun to do.

Laugh Out Loud is just one of the local spots for kids to have fun. They usually open at 3, but on Friday they opened at noon to give kids that were healthy something to do. Parents at Urban Air, Elmer Thomas Park and Veterans United Home Loan Office spent the day differently while the schools are closed because of the flu.

"I was 100 percent excited," said Takiya.

Freedom Elementary School students Takiya, Robert, and Ramiyah were excited to not have to attend school today and instead do something fun.

"I was super excited. I thought we were going to the grocery store and then we pulled up I was like we are at LOL," said Ramiyah.

The students said in the last few weeks they've been learning to take extra precautions and not spread the flu virus by washing their hands and covering their cough. LOL General Manager Jeremy Burk said they are also playing it safe.

"We always clean and sanitize everything regularly, but we have been especially diligent here in the last couple of weeks especially in the last few days with Lysol spray on skates, game floor, laser tag inflatables and just wiping everything down," said Burk.

It was the same scene at Urban Air on Northwest Cache Road. Dave Jameson already had the day off and decided to do something different for his daughter and her friends.

"Well you got three rambunctious girls what better place to have them jump around in the ball pits, swing, and get that energy out," said Jameson.

But that wasn't the case for everyone. Beth Fletcher works at Veterans United Home Loan Service and brought her son to work because the flu shutdown her child's day care and pre-school.

"Thankfully for my job I can bring them whenever I have too they are real easy going and stuff so that helps out with the juggle and stuff," said Fletcher.

Fletcher recently had a baby and says she's doing everything she can to protect her family. She said this is one of the worst flu outbreaks she has seen.

"Not this bad it just seems more widespread and I don't know seems like it is going on more longer maybe but it's pretty scary especially when you got little ones that you are dealing with," said Fletcher.

Kids and parents were out enjoying the fresh air at Elmer Thomas Park. Freedom Elementary School fourth grader Sariah said she was upset the school closed.

"Never I don't want to be closed for the flu," said Sariah.

Sariah's mother Sara said her family just got over the flu and she's also been taking steps to prevent it from happening again. Sariah said getting the flu was terrible.

"We were all sick….and right now just to know that we are off because of the flu its scary because the flu is floating in the air right now," said Sariah.

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