Duncan sex trafficking survivor shares story to spread awareness

Duncan sex trafficking survivor shares story to spread awareness

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -A Duncan woman and sex-trafficking survivor is sharing her story in hopes of raising awareness of human trafficking.

Kimberly Wahne was one of the many that attended the Oklahoma Fights Back event on human trafficking Saturday in Duncan.

"I'm glad that people are spreading awareness because there's so many girls even in this state that are still in that and there's really no resources for them that they know of," said Wahne.

It's been 20 years since Wahne escaped from the people who held her captive in Mexico.

"When I was 17 I got involved with the wrong people, and I started selling drugs and started working with the cartel from Mexico," said Wahne.

When she lived in California, she was hit in the head when walking to her car and taken. Next thing she knew, she was in Mexico City.

"There were girls as young as 5 years old who were being raped literally to death in front of me," said Wahne. "It's sickening how another human being can look at another human being as an object, as nothing. Their life has no value to them."

After about 9 months, she escaped and brought 6 girls back with her to the U.S. She says education and awareness is the only thing that will get human trafficking to stop.

"It's hard for the police I know to take them out of the situation because they don't know if they are there on their own," said Wahne. "They don't recognize the signs. They need to have more education for our police officers and safe houses. We don't have anywhere these girls feel safe."

Wahne hopes others realize this is a major issue everywhere, including Southwest Oklahoma.

"I hope that people start becoming aware that it is a huge problem," said Wahne. "Sex trafficking and prostitution and all of that. A lot of girls don't know what they're getting into. They think this boy loves me. I'd really like parents to educate their teenagers on what to look for. Not to trust anyone they don't know and just how easy it is to be here one minute and be gone the next."

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