Lawton woman helps home invasion victim

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton woman is recovering after she was beaten by robbers in her home Monday afternoon.  Amber Gonder, the victim's neighbor, said she got a knock on her door just after 1 p.m. and almost didn't answer it because she didn't know who was knocking. She says she decided to answer when she heard crying.

"She was over and shaking and asked to use the phone because I guess she said that they had smashed her phone and she needed to call her boyfriend and the cops," Gonder said.

It was the first time meeting her neighbor. Gonder believes the men scoped out the house before they broke in because she said the victim told her they stopped there earlier in the day asking about the woman's brother and left before returning later.

"They knew she was home alone and they came and held her down and robbed her," she said.

The most frightening thing for Gonder is that it happened in broad daylight near a busy street. She said the victim's lip was bleeding and the men stole items like a gun and Xbox. She said this is the first time they've had issues like this in the neighborhood.

"It was very very scary knowing that somebody next door got robbed and that the same thing could happen to you in broad daylight," Gonder said. "We didn't hear her screaming. She said she was screaming for help and we didn't even hear it."

She said during the robbery her dogs were barking, but she didn't know why until the victim knocked on her door a couple minutes later.

"She has three large dogs too and we thought we'd be safe 'cause our dogs and we're not really," Gonder said.

Gonder said she's offered to let her neighbor come over whenever she doesn't feel safe. Police confirmed that the woman suffered minor injuries and they're investigating the home invasion.

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