Falcon Range provides real life training opportunities

Falcon Range provides real life training opportunities

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - Crews on the ground and in the skies brushed up on combat skills on Tuesday at Falcon Range on Fort Sill. Joint training on the ground and in the sky is the main type of training done at Falcon Range. It's training that demands strong communication. F-16s traveling at high speeds in the air trying to target a truck or a shed on the ground.

That's where the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers come in.

"Using off board and other targeting systems he is able to get the aircraft's eyes on target to they can get their weapons on target," Falcon Range operations officer Mark Kessens said.

Air Force Reserves and Fort Hood soldiers train to find that target and hit it with accuracy at the most active primary training range in the Air Force.

Kessens says the diverse terrain and the realistic targets makes the range appealing to train on.

"I like to keep this range relevant so that's why we play the shell game and move the little targets around so that aircraft crews are challenged to find those targets on a regular basis," Kessens said.

The most active range lived up to its name on Tuesday. Once this training ended, another one started up.

Fort Sill instructors on the ground were directing aircraft overhead, and fine tuning skills they will bring back to the classroom.

Captain Christian Ortiz, Fire Support Department Chief "This is something that we're going to practice obviously in a real world scenario when we get into a direct conflict with another enemy unit or nation," Capt. Christian Ortiz, Fire Support Department Chief said. " So these skills that we practice here will obviously pay big dividends when we go an actually execute this in real life."

Within the next year, the range's facilities will be replaced and upgraded so that they can continue the important real life training.

Falcon Range is part of the Air Force, and Fort Sill allows the use of the land for these types of joint training exercises. The range is not open to the public.

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