SE 45th street construction project remains on schedule

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A construction engineer with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation says that the $8.3 million reconstruction project on Lawton's east side is so far on schedule.

Construction started back in October but there is still more than 6 months of worth work to go. The project engineer said they are still in phase 1 of the project but for the time being everything is going as planned and they remain firmly on schedule.

ODOT Division 7 Construction Engineer Cole Vonfeldt said so far, the contractor they hired to complete the project has done a great job.

"Some of the progress that they've done so far is they've installed a drainage structure here on the west side of 45th just South of Gore. they've started removing pavement and starting to get the dirt stabilized that way they can build back up," Vonfeldt said.

But, Vonfeldt said they still have a long way to go before the project is complete.

"They've gotten to a point that they've got traffic switched to either side that way they can get as much room as they can. They then remove the pavement and start building back up. The contractor has 270 days, they started in late October so this is technically phase one, they should hopefully depending on weather be complete in the August or September time frame," Vonfeldt said.

If you've driven past the construction on 45th and Lee this week, chances are you've seen the new temporary lights crews put up at the intersection.

"The original signals there were set up for the old configuration before we started shifting traffic from one side to the other. The purpose of it is to allow the lights to be in front of the drivers that way they have a better view of the lights, when they can go and when they need to stop," Vonfeldt said.

If you plan on driving through that 45th and Lee intersection, Vonfeldt said to be prepared for a few slight changes.

"The permanent lights are based on loop detectors which basically sense the car. Now, this temporary signal is a timed signal. There will be a little bit of a difference, the traveling public might have to sit there for just a little bit longer but it will just cycle through," Vonfeldt said.

For now, the road is a very narrow area that cars are passing through and, at least during the day, there are several crew members working. So, make sure you are paying attention and using extreme caution to help keep everyone safe and Vonfeldt said if you are walking through the area for any reason, he asks that you please use the temporary sidewalks they have put in for everyone's safety.

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