Protesters crash State of the State, call Fallin "liar, murderer"

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) - An explosive scene at the state capitol as protesters shouted at Governor Mary Fallin just moments after she finished her State of the State address.

One group of protesters hung a banner from the rafters that read "Oklahoma, state of despair." While on the other side of the room, a woman called Governor Fallin a "murderer" and a "liar." We learned through Facebook and Twitter that that woman was protesting the lack of medical marijuana in the state.

The protesters obviously stole the show, but it came after a roughly 25-minute speech from Governor Fallin. In that speech, which officially kicked off the 2018 legislative session, Fallin urged lawmakers to put aside their differences and find a way to make some real positive changes for Oklahoma.

"There are no perfect solutions or plans, we know there is no perfect legislation. We all know that compromise is at the very core of the budget on which you will vote. Just as compromise formed the foundation of America, I believe compromise can fortify the foundation of Oklahoma," Fallin said.

Governor Fallin said she does not believe we as a state are on the right path to success and says it is up to the legislators to now decide our future.

"We have two choices we can continue down the road, the path of sliding backward. Or we can choose the second path which is to say enough is enough, we can do better, we deserve better, our children deserve better too," Fallin said.

Legislators will now head into the 2018 session looking for a way to increase revenue and find funding for a variety of departments. Fallin urged those legislators to remember a few things as they vote on certain issues in the coming weeks.

"Focus on things like a teacher who will see a $5,000 pay raise, not just a way to pay the teachers bills but a way to validate their vital vocation. Remember the important policy issues we have implemented already. Smart on crime, treatment for those with substance abuse or mental health issues, how that affects our state's success," Fallin said.

Fallin also said that to find a way out of our budgetary problems we can't keep doing the same things that got us into the problem and expect different results. You can view Governor Fallin's entire speech on our 7NEWS Facebook page.

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