Railroad crossing in Elgin causing concerns

ELGIN, OK (KSWO)-A railroad crossing in Elgin is causing concern for some over how dangerous the crossing is because there are no lights or crossing bars.The crossing sits at the intersection of 7th and F Street behind the Elgin Co-op.

Elgin Coop worker Dustin Leonhart considers it a dangerous area.

"If you are going towards the west it is in a blind spot. If the train is coming from the south which the other day the train was coming from the south and especially for the truckers coming all the scales they have to swing wide.In the middle of the day of the sun is blocking there," said Leonhart.

Last Friday Leonhart witnessed a collision at the crossing between a train and a truck that was carrying cows and saw multiple of the animals get killed.

"It happened in the middle of the day, the trucker sat on the scales for a minute or a minute and a half before he pulled off and whenever he pulled off he didn't accelerate to try and beat the train. He ran the same slow speed going through to me that obviously means he didn't see the train. It was in his blind spot. He got lucky," said Leonhart.

That same luck also spared the life of another truck driver 6 months ago, but did not spare doing some serious damage to his trailer.

"A grain truck loaded up pulls off the scales and it went straight through the middle of the trailer instead of the back end where the axles is where it got hit so if that was a cattle truck it would have been a lot more worse than this one was," said Leonhart.

Leonhart fears that luck could run out and someone could get seriously injured.

"Oh yes, very I mean just like kids going to school there here half the time. Even when we we are walking going back and fort to the warehouse...it's a bust street," said Leonhart.

He said he doesn't know who is responsible, but he hopes someone will bring some attention to the problems soon.

"Whether it be the train company or the city of whoever somebody needs to do it," said Leonhart.

7NEWS spent the day calling the SKOL Stillwater Railroad Company, The Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and the City of Elgin trying to determine who's responsible for placing crossing arms and lights in that area. SKOL said it was O Dot's problem, while ODOT said the opposite. 
However, An official from ODOT did say The City of Elgin can apply for grants.We  reached out to the mayor, but he was unavailable today.

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