LPS students celebrate Global School Play Day

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LAWTON, Ok (KSWO) -Imagine going to school and being allowed to play and have fun all day long! That's exactly what students at several Lawton Public Schools got to do.

Wednesday is Global School Play Day and the purpose is to promote unstructured play in schools. It's all about building social and critical skills and building one-on-one relationships with their teachers and classmates.

"Well we've been playing board games and like cards and just having fun," said Feliciano.

Fourth grade student Kayla Feliciano said Global School Play Day was much needed. Her favorite activity was playing UNO with her teacher.

"He had been asking me how I felt and if he thought that I could win and he was like are you going to win and I was like yes sure and he was like no you won't," said Feliciano.

Fifth grade student Annika Hosler enjoyed playing monopoly, and trouble with her classmates, but said she's always been a quiet person and Global School Play day improves her social skills. 

"I learned how to talk to people and I'm more open now also since I'm socially awkward I don't really know how to start conversations it was a little bit helpful," said Hosler.

In addition to improving social skills Assistant Principal at Ridgecrest Ella Snavely said this special day also helps with student's critical thinking and problem solving skills, preparing them for the future.

"Well whenever you get a job they are going to ask you some skills specifically they are going to ask you some skills some specific things that you need to do there, but more than that they are going to want to know how do you get a long with other people," said Snavely.

Snavely believes Global School Play Day pushes students to think outside the box.

"It's just getting along with each other is an essential like skill and they need to do it in structured settings and they need to learn how to do it in unstructured settings as well and I think they've had a great day today," said Snavely.

Feliciano adds it was nice to take a break from school work and just have fun.

"Well I think it is because we've been testing all month this year and so we get a day off so we can just do anything as long as it doesn't include damaging things," said Feliciano.

Global School Play Day is held every year on the first Wednesday in February. Ridgecrest wasn't the only school that had some fun today. Students from Crosby Park, Hugh Bish, Pat Henry, Whittier, Woodland Hills and Tominlson Middle School also participated.

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