Cameron student helping lawmakers push bill to legalize hemp

Cameron student helping lawmakers push bill to legalize hemp

LAWTON, Ok (KSWO) -A Cameron grad student majoring in Agronomy got the opportunity to travel to the State Capitol on Wednesday to discuss way to legalize hemp in the State of Oklahoma. Representative Mickey Dollens authored House Bill 2913. The bill would create a pilot program overseen by the Department of Agriculture allowing permits to grow hemp.

Grad student Nathan Poindexter said educating others is important. His goal is inform people about hemp, explain what it is, and travel to to different counties across Oklahoma speaking to farmers and educating them on how hemp can help economical and environmental growth.

Poindexter said people often confuse hemp with marijuana, but he said the non psychoactive plant has the ability to be a fiber, oil, or a seed for food. It's full of vitamins and special compounds that can heal things much quicker. Poindexter said hemp will overall preserve our land.

"It has the ability to absorb heavy metals from the soil and as a lot of people know our soil here in Oklahoma is made of iron oxide and that's why our soil is red because of all the rust in it. So theoretically if we grow enough hemp on our lands we'll be able to absorb all the metal out. And bring it back to brown soil and make it very nutritious and make our land grand again," said Poindexter.

Poindexter plans to visit with Representative Dollens throughout the year to help spread the word about the bill. House Bill 2913 will now head to the House floor after it unanimously passed by a committee on Tuesday.

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