First Lady Fashion with 7NEWS Anchor, Paula Van Drisse

LAWTON, Ok (KSWO) - If you scroll through Paula's Facebook page, it won't take you long to see she has a passion for sewing. It's a skill she learned when she was just 13, but it wasn't until her mid 20s that she found the practicality of it.

"I wanted a certain style and I couldn't find it," Van Drisse said. "And I thought, 'well I'm just going to make it.'"

A 2017 New Year's Resolution quickly turned in to something more. Paula had a goal to complete six projects in one year, which she wrapped up in just four months. It wasn't until she saw Melania Trump's Roksanda dress at the 2016 Republican National Convention that she decided to take her skill to the next level.

"I saw that dress and thought, I absolutely love it," she said. "But when I found out how much that dress cost  to purchase it, it was over $1,000. That's not in my budget."

After she finished the Melania-inspired dress, she moved on to Michelle Obama.

"Some people were like, wow, that's amazingly close," said Van Drisse.
Laura Bush:

"This one took a long time with all of these flowers. Those were all individually made."

Hillary Clinton:

"I made an overskirt for it as well. The overskirt she had was more of a chiffon. And then the rest was lace, so this was more of an inspiration."

Barbara Bush:

"This was actually worn, not while her husband was president and it was the one that I liked the most out of all of them."

Nancy Reagan:

"Nancy Reagan was known for wearing a lot of blouses with large bows, so that's why I chose that. And she wore a lot of Reagan Red."

And Rosalynn Carter.

"I think hers was probably a polyester fabric," said Van Drisse. "A very thick polyester because in the '70s, they wore a lot of that."

Paula plans on wrapping up her First Ladies Collection in the 1960s with a dress worn by Jackie Kennedy.

"If you think about it, if you keep on going back in time, if it's something from the 1800s, how am I going to take an inspiration from the 1800s and incorporate that into now? I think it'd be a little too different."

She posts her progress on her 7NEWS Facebook page where she gets comments and messages from people asking for advice, or even offering her advice on sewing. The social media platform even helped land her in an article published by Yahoo! Lifestyle back in September. Though she'll tell you she's no expert, her work speaks for itself.
"Sometimes people will say 'wow, you're really talented,' but I feel like I'm still learning," she said.

Paula says she plans on diving in to the Hollywood scene next, creating a collection of outfits from famous movies and movie stars. Be sure to keep up with Paula's latest fashions checking out her Facebook Page, Paula Van Drisse, 7NEWS.

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