Carnegie voters will decide on $4.2 million dollar school bond issue

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CARNEGIE, OK (KSWO) - Carnegie Public Schools are hoping to make big improvements and upgrades to their Middle and High School through a $4.2 million dollar school bond issue.

School Board President Cody McSperitt said old roofs at the Middle and High School are just one of the many problems the district facing.

"When it rains it actually pours through the classroom and the library, and down this hall here," said McSperitt.

The Middle and High School will also get new retro metal roofs.

"We just keep patching the roof and keep adding and patching. It has come to the point where we can't afford to patch it anymore it time that we have to fix it," said McSperitt.

One of there biggest concerns is safety and there hoping to add a new entrance at the Middle and High School.

"Right now anybody can just walk right in there is no check point no sally port. It's going to have a sally port check in to where you have to check in with someone to get into the school," said McSperitt.

They are also hoping to add two storm shelters and renovate the football and the FFA stock trailer. The issues don't stop in the classroom they're also impacting students who are involved in sports.Rosalinda Martinez is a sophomore involved in several clubs. She is on the softball team and managers the girls Basketball Team.

Martinez is hoping the school bond will pass so they can build a new softball field house.

"Sometimes we change in the bathroom here or we change in the cars over there by the softball field. The bathrooms over there are really small and yeah," said Martinez.

She adds it's also stressful when she and her classmates have to from the school and about a half of a mile to the softball field.

"It's kind of a pain because it's a lot of equipment to carry and you have to walk through up hills and down hills and rock and everything. It's hard to get through it," said Martinez.

Property taxes will increase if the bond is passed. It will cost tax payers $8 dollars for every $100 dollars they pay in taxes.

"The average in our district is pays $300 dollars a year in sales tax.  So you are looking at $24 to $25 for the average tax payer," said McSperitt.

In the end McSperitt stresses the bond is all for students and support from the community would mean a lot.

"Everybody has invested interest in the school without the school you have nothing and without the school the community disappears so we have to keep building and growing the school and make sure it stays stable," said McSperitt.

Voting will take place next Tuesday at polling sites in the Carnegie school district. Polls will be open from 7a.m. until 7p.m.

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