Lawton couple gifted new home for 58th anniversary

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton couple got an early Valentine's Day gift that will last a lifetime. Shirley and Jimmie Stevenson were surprised with a brand-new home for their 58th anniversary!

"I thought I was coming to eat at someone's house and I recognized the furniture. I couldn't believe it," said Shirley Stevenson, homeowner.

The couple's family bought the home and moved their belongings to their new home in northwest Lawton before revealing the amazing gift. The new house has three bedrooms, two living and dining areas a covered patio and gazebo. It also comes with stainless steel appliances and most importantly, they own it all.

For nearly seven years the couple rented another home in Lawton. Most of the space there they couldn't utilize because of the steep steps leading upstairs and to their parking garage.

"The stairs weren't a problem when I first moved in," said Shirley. "They have gotten to be a problem so, I didn't go up there very much."

Tyria Johnson and her sisters said that was one of many reasons they decided to purchase the new home for them.

"Some different instances where they have fallen trying to get to their cars in the back and every time we come visit she has the front door taped up because there's a draft that comes in," said Johnson.

And besides safety, the kids thought it would be best to show their appreciation for the couple that helped raise them along with their single mother.

"This is nothing compared to what we even feel they are worth," said Johnson. "But this is something that we wanted to do because they deserve it and we just want to say thank you and give them a little piece of gratitude for everything they've done and the sacrifices they've made."

As for the Shirley and her husband, they say they're just grateful for the unexpected surprise.

"I mean who does this?" said Shirley. "They are very special. I am so grateful that the Lord allowed them to be my grandchildren. Because it's a blessing from Him. They are a blessing from Him."

This isn't the first time the family has given their grandparents a remarkable gift. Three years ago their grandchildren also gave them a brand new car.

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