School bonds, sales taxes highlight Tuesday elections

School bonds, sales taxes highlight Tuesday elections

Voters across the state will be headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote in a variety of elections including sales tax proposals, school bonds and multiple Board of Education races.


In Comanche County, voters in Elgin and Sterling will get to cast their vote on multiple propositions.

Elgin residents are voting on a bond issue which, if passed, would extend a current .25-percent sales tax for an additional five years. The tax is set to expire on July 1 but if passed with a 60-percent majority, will extend until 2023. The money from this bond will be spent to fund construction, reconstruction and improvement of parks and recreation facilities.

Sterling school districts residents will be voting on two school bond proposal of their own. The first is in the amount of $295,000 which will be set aside for the school district to build and maintain facilities. The second, a $90,000 bond, is for school transportation equipment. According to officials, if passed, residents will see an approximate $7.00 increase per $1,000 per year on their property taxes.

A number of board of education races will also be decided on Tuesday in Comanche County, for a full list click here.


Duncan residents will have the opportunity to cast their votes on a permanent 1-percent sales tax which will be set aside specifically for emergency service in the city. If passed, the proposition will create a specific fund where the money from the 1-percent sales tax will be deposited. The money will then be used to help fund emergency services including, wages, buildings maintenance and construction, as well as equipment for first responders.

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Grandfield Public School district residents will also be voting on a pair of bond issues on the 13th. The first is for $325,000 which will be used for building construction and maintenance throughout the district. The second, a $150,000 bond, will be used for transportation costs. These two bonds will not affect property taxes in the district due to the fact that they will essentially be replacing current school bonds which were passed by the district in 2013.

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