Lawton Farmers Market could be moving to a permanent location

(Source: KSWO)
(Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Lawton Farmers Market could be moving downtown. That's according to an item on Lawton city council agenda proposing a permanent move to a parking lot off fourth street near the old City Hall.

Both Dr. Legako and Councilman Dwight Tanner Jr. are hoping the farmers market can go here in the parking lot the old City Hall and they say having it here would be good for the city. Councilman Dwight Tanner says they initially thought about putting the market where the old City Hall is but they're looking at other plans for that open field and realized a benefit of putting it in the parking lot.

"And the advantage to that is we won't have any grass to mow plus it's going to be closer to the park and when Arts for All has their annual event they'll also be able to use that facility," Tanner said.

Right now, the Farmers Market is held in the parking lot at the Great Plains Coliseum April through October and then moves inside at Cameron University's plant sciences building during the winter months. The new building would allow the Farmers Market to stay at the same place year around.

Dr. Edward Legako, the president of the Farmers Market said this gives them an opportunity to grow and think more long term. He says they want to expand the Farmers Market and hold their classes there. Tanner said the City of Lawton won't have to pay to build the market:

"The City of Lawton would allow them to use this land and they would gather the money through private donations," he said. "We provide the property, they build the building."

As for who takes care of the maintenance, they're in the early stages of the process, but this is one of the ideas they have on what they might do.

"The City of Lawton will take control of the property," Tanner said." We'll maintain the property; the Lawton Farmers Market will get to use it once a week or whenever they have special events. The rest of the time the City of Lawton has the option of leasing this property out."

The city council will vote on this item tomorrow.

A few other items they'll vote on include:

  • Whether or not they want to form a committee to look into if the City Council should make changes to the city charter.
  • Reducing or eliminating a sidewalk requirement for a building off 52nd street due to it being in a rural area.
  • They're also going to talk about the Fire Department ambulances and their use.

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