FFA 4-H Friend of the Week: Amy White

TIPTON, Ok - Amy White is the next student to be featured in our FFA 4-H Friend of the Week Series. Not only is she very active in her FFA Chapter, she also runs her own business.

"I'm an entrepreneur in small-scale milking," White said. "I have a feeder pig business."

That's not something you hear everyday from a senior in high school. But then again, Amy White isn't your typical teen. She shows dairy cows at the county show and the Sooner State Dairy Show, and has found a way to turn a profit from the extra milk. In addition to selling it, she also uses it to sustain her feeder pigs.

"We found some cheap hogs and thought, 'oh, that might take some milk away. So we decided to keep investing in that and we found some pretty good hogs in there, so we decided to sell them,'" she said.

Some hogs, they'll fatten up and sell for meat, or, she'll sell them cheap to kids who don't have enough money to buy a show hog. All this while balancing sports and school.

"She's got a great work ethic, gets up early in the morning, late in the evenings," says Tim White, Tipton High School's Ag Teacher. "She's got a lot of other activities she's involved in from playing volleyball and basketball. And then still come home and do the chores, and somewhere in between do her school work."

Amy has had a lot of success in showing pigs and dairy cows. But at the end of the day, it's hard work and responsibility that makes her who she is.

"It makes me humble that people look up to me for the things I do," she said. "It shows how much responsibility I have. I'm thankful for them choosing me and blessed with the community I have."

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