Lawton mother delivers baby in hospital hallway

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A local paramedic helped one Lawton mother of four welcome her fifth child into the world. It all happened in the middle of the Labor and Delivery hallway at Comanche County Memorial Hospital Tuesday night.

Chaunsey Hardin Digby said her contractions started around midnight on Monday. She called 911 about four hours later when her contractions started to get closer.

"And there was no way we were going to get to a hospital," said Chaunsey. "And my husband did not know how to deliver a baby."

She said once the ambulance arrived she felt her body pushing her son Christopher out.

"My water breaks in the ambulance and then we thought we were going to deliver a baby in an ambulance and he ended up being delivered in a hallway," said Chaunsey.

It took the paramedic only two minutes to deliver her son.

After the delivery, Chaunsey contacted Magic 95 in hopes of finding the person behind that special moment.

Kirk's Ambulance Jenni Triplett was that paramedic.

She's delivered five babies in a hospital setting, but this was her first delivery in a hallway. She said that night still gives her chills.

"We came down the hallway and she said I think he's coming and he, sure enough, was coming," said Triplett. "So, we stopped and delivered the baby and then carried on to her room."

Chaunsey said she's just thankful for a successful delivery and that Triplett was there to help.

"I think paramedics and firefighters don't get the recognition they deserve," said Chaunsey. "They don't get paid like a doctor would. She did everything that my doctor should have done because he couldn't be in that moment. So, I'm extremely grateful."

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