Fire gets too close for comfort for Pecan Valley South residents

COMANCHE CO., (KSWO) - A fire that scorched 125 acres west of Lawton near Lee Boulevard and 112th Street hit too close to home for a Pecan Valley South resident who had to evacuate a few years back due to a fire in the same area. Joseph Collins said after seeing the smoke, he saw his neighbor was outside and talked to him about the fire.

"And after talking to him for about five minutes, he looked out and said, 'oh man that fire is getting out of control,' I said, yeah man, let's go look at it and we walked out there and looked at it and said, 'Oh my God, this is out of control,'" said Collins.

The emergency manager said the fire started while a man was mowing a field. The ten fire departments at the scene kept the fire from spreading too much. Collins said he's been looking outside making sure the fire didn't spark back up, but said he's not too concerned.

"I tell you what, these volunteer fire departments and the regular departments too are exceptional at trying to help control these fires and they really deserve a pat on the back for that," he said.

He breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he's not going to have to evacuate his house this time.

"I was in the house talking to my wife saying, my God, we might need to talk about this plan of what do we really need to take just in case this fire breaks out again," Collins said.

The fire stayed a couple hundred feet from his house this time.

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