OK Dems support new revenue raising bill

OK Dems support new revenue raising bill

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- While House and Senate committees in Oklahoma passed bills to cut $44-million in state agency funding over the next few months, Democrats are proposing a new revenue-raising bill.

House Democrats are backing a plan by Republican state auditor Gary Jones, who is also running for governor. The plan would include a 5-percent increase in the Gross Production Tax on oil wells, a 75-cent tobacco tax and an increase in the fuel tax.

Democrats say this plan would serve the state better than the current plan of slashing budgets.  Democrats say the plan would raise $448-million in revenue for the state as well as provide funds for $5,000 teacher pay raises.

Some Republicans have said they are open to the idea, while others say the proposal is too late to avoid budget cuts for the year.

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