Gun store owner shares his thoughts on background checks and guns

Gun store owner shares his thoughts on background checks and guns

DUNCAN, Ok (RNN Texoma) -The co-owner of Murf's Guns in Duncan is sharing his thoughts on guns and background checks.

This morning the White House said President Donald Trump supports efforts to improve federal background checks for gun purchases. This comes after that deadly mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead.

Ken Murphree said its going to all come down to what President Trump is going to do with the current system in place.  He said something needs to be done or these mass shootings will continue to happen.

"We've had background checks for 20 years and that was a common sense approach when we formed those. We have not slowed or stopped these crazy crimes since then. It depends on what efforts and what they are going to change in the current system," said Murphree.

Ken Murphree works at Murf's Gun Store and said the deadly mass shooting in Florida was devastating and there needs to be more laws set in place before it happens again.
"I have a daughter that is a school teacher and when we have these school shootings, we call the police. The police show, bring guns and it stops the threat. We have got to start arming the people in the schools that want to be armed. Not everybody in the school needs to carry a gun. There training would be more strenuous than anyone else in public but we have to start allowing administrators to have guns on school grounds to protect our children. This will happen again if we don't," said Murphree.

President Trump met with Senator John Cornyn and Senator Chris Murphy last week to discuss a bipartisan bill called the Fix NICS Act, the bill would ensure that states and federal agencies comply with existing laws on reporting criminal history records to the national background check system.

"If there is anything on this earth that would stop this from happening I'm all in but, I've watched this in my 40 years of being in the gun business. Every law made to this day and not one gun law has prevented or stopped a crime. Murder is against the law, having a gun on school is against the law. There is so many laws broken before they kill somebody and these people do not care," said Murphree.

President Trump is scheduled to to host a listening session with high school students and teachers on Wednesday

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