DPS continues to makes school safety a top priority

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Following the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week, some parents in Duncan are asking questions about the safety and security of their children while in school.The Duncan Public School district said their main concern has always been school safety and following their security measures in case an emergency happens.

Superintendent Melonie Hau said she's been getting phone calls from parents and community members after the shooting tragedy in Florida. She wanted to address any concerns people may have and ensure that student safety is top priority.

"As educators, we're passionate about keeping our children safe and we know that it's a tremendous responsibility on parents send their children to school that their safety in our care is of the utmost importance," said Hau.

Every day teachers are working to keep students safe. There are state mandated drills performed twice a year that show students what to do in case an intruder gets in the school.

"We also talked about school safety on a regular basis as part of our administrative team monthly safety and security is a standing agenda item and we review safety procedures with our administrative staff," said Hau.

There are also Duncan Police officers at both the Middle and High Schools that monitor those campuses all day and can immediately respond to an emergency. They can also quickly respond to one at the elementary schools if needed.

School threats are problems they don't take lightly.

"We take threats very seriously and any level of threat and it's not only up to us to determine whether a threat is a viable threat. We worked with the Duncan Police Department to make sure that we are fully investigating the threat," said Hau.

The district was also able to add more security cameras to several schools thanks to a school bond that passed last year. The system allows them to view several areas in and outside of the building and take footage when they need it.

With so many school shootings across the country in recent years Hau said safety and security is critical.

"I mean as a parent I would want my children to feel safe going to school. We want our parents in this community to know that their children are safe at school," said Hau.

Hau encourages parents to share any questions or concerns they may have with their school principal or with her at the school administration office.

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