Power companies prepared for winter weather

SOUTHWEST, OK (KSWO) -Public Service Company of Oklahoma has crews on standby in case the weather deteriorates Wednesday tonight.

PSO said it takes several inches of freezing rain and winds reaching speeds of 35 miles per hour or greater to cause power outages. Luckily no outages have been reported so far, but they're monitoring the weather and staying up to date in case anything changes.

Having power in your home during the storm is a must, and that's why crews are ready in case something happens.

Well, we're always constantly monitoring the weather. I mean that's, that's a huge event for us. So watching that command, we make predictions as to how much personnel we might need by the type of weather we see coming in," said Hushbeck.

External Affairs Manager Tim Hushbeck said they're very fortunate to only see sleet in this storm.

"Sleet really something we worry about as far as driving our trucks around and stuff. But where we get really excited to really get nervous is when it's freezing rain because it tends to form ice on the power lines. And then couple that with wind, then it begins to buckle up and down or Gallup is what they call it and that's where it really does the damage on the power system," said Hushbeck.

They already have crews in place in most counties across Southwest, Oklahoma. If a power outage were to happen,workers will asses the problem and determine what need to be done to restore it.

Hushbeck adds it can be a very difficult process for workers.

"The majority of the time it's raining, it's snowing, it's sleeting and they've got a lot of things on their mind. They're trying to figure out the problem, they've got to perform their jobs safely, because it's a very unforgiving job if you don't do it safely and then they've got to drive the roads," said Hushbeck.

Hushbeck says they receive notifications from areas that have lost power. If your home or business loses power later this evening you can also call PSO Oklahoma to make sure crews are coming your way.

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