Comanche County crews work to keep roads safe

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - Comanche County crews have been working since early Wednesday morning to treat the roads from the falling sleet.

When we see as much precipitation as we did Wednesday, there's no way to eliminate all of the slick spots, but by spraying chemicals on the roads before the sleet started and treating them with sand throughout the day, crews in Comanche County were able to make the streets much more drivable.

Comanche County Commissioner Gail Turner said trucks got right to work Wednesday morning spraying Magnesium Chloride on the roads.

"We started a little while ago putting it down. The good thing with that is that you put it down before it pre-emerges and it helps make it safer. Then we mix it with our sand, so all the sanders have that mixed with the sand. That also helps to make it safer," Turner said.

Turner said crews will be running all day across the entirety of Comanche County.

"Sometimes one corner of the county will get hit a lot harder than the other areas of the county," Turner said. "So, it depends on the situation and the weather where we start and what we do but we try to do what makes the most common sense. We hit the hills, intersections, bridges, just like where this intersection is sloping into Highway 7, Trail is the same way, be careful at intersections that you know they're sloping down toward another intersection. Any kind of situation where it makes it slicker makes it harder to stop," Turner said.

Turner said when they know winter weather is coming, they try their best to stay ahead of the storm.

"It makes it a lot safer. And we appreciate our guys getting out and taking care of things. All the county crews are out on both sides of the county doing it. We try our very best to make it as safe as we can for the tax payers that live in Comanche County," Turner said.

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