Holy City of Wichitas needs volunteers for annual Easter pageant

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CACHE, OK (KSWO) -The 93rd annual Prince of Peace Easter Pageant is coming up next month.But to make it all happen, the Holy City of the Wichitas is in need of dozens of volunteers to help with the play.

The Prince of Peace passion play is the longest running Easter Pageant in America! It draws in thousands of people every year. The play wouldn't be possible without volunteers, and organizers are hoping people will come out and be a part of history.

"Right now we're still looking for volunteers.We have a lot of spots open, anywhere from citizens in the crowds to Roman soldiers and everything in between," said Dolch.

Deena Dolch is the Caretaker for the Holy City of the Wichitas. Dolch said no experience is needed to be in the passion play, and all ages are welcome. Right now they have about 200 volunteers but they're needing about 150 more people.

"That's what keeps us going. That's what, allows the Easter pageant to happen every year. Without the people we couldn't make it, we wouldn't be here," said Dolch.

Back in August, the Holy City was in danger of closing and needed money to help save the landmark. Dolch said they were able to fix the electricity and restore the lights used for the Easter show with help from 7NEWS, and people in the community.  They also received a generous $50,000 dollar donation.

"Yes, and we're still using it for different, different things that we're needing to do out here. The water problem is still an ongoing situation," said Dolch.

Dolch said there is still no running water and the bathrooms don't work because of a water main break. They're working with the Refuge to speed up the process of getting it fixed. The City of Elgin along with their fire department, and The Comanche County Emergency Management Office are donating thousands of gallons of water to the Holy City's tanker so the bathrooms can work during the pageant and people won't have to travel to the visitor center that's about 10 miles away.

"We know that the attendance would be way down if we don't have the public restrooms open, it turns people away. So with having the restrooms open. More people will show up and stay and it's going to help our turnout overall tremendously," said Dolch.

If you would like to volunteer you can stop by the Holy City on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. They've already started holding rehearsals and will continue them up until the weekend before their first show on March 24th. They'll also have another  performance March 31st.

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