Fort Sill gets new Short Round mascot

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - The old made way for the new on Monday on Fort Sill. It's a ceremony that put a smile on many faces! The retirement of Corporal Short Round the fifth and the enlistment of Private Short Round the sixth. They are Fort Sill's goat mascots who accompany Big Deuce, the donkey mascot, on ceremony duties.

This tradition has lasted decades, and the 2nd Battalion 2nd Field Artillery Regiment on Fort Sill and West Point are the only two in the Army to even have a live mascot. It just adds to the Army and Fort Sill culture!

Off to greener pastures is where retired Corporal Short Round the fifth is going. He served since 2011, and will spend the rest of his goat days at his owner's local farm.

Number 5 was a calm goat while he carried out his duties, but his handlers said maybe he was a little too calm during training.

"Short Round knew what was coming and we got around the corner here and he decided he wasn't having it and he laid down and went to sleep," SPC Adam Kalahar, former Short Round handler. "I physically had to pick him up and get him moving again on our way to that practice."

The handlers are excited for the younger Private Short Round the sixth who has a little more energy, but you wouldn't know it based just on the ceremony. She had to be carried all the way to the front.

In the spirit of equality, number six is the first female mascot on Fort Sill. These mascots aren't just for fun in the Army. They are a reminder that at one time there were more mules in a unit than soldiers. They were used to transport goods and equipment.

Now that those duties have been replaced by vehicles, Short Round the sixth will soon be training to perform her new duties.

That training will get started right away, and the handlers said hopefully Short Round the sixth will catch on and give Big Deuce some pointers!

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