Student wins contest after writing about custodian

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A kindergartener at Lawton's Crosby Park Elementary school got the chance to attend his first Oklahoma City Thunder game on Monday after winning a creativity contest where he entered a poem about his school's custodian, titled "Mr. Larry."

Hunter Borden and other students across Oklahoma entered the Black Heritage Creative Contest by writing about a significant African American person in their life. Hunter chose to write about Larry Hicks.  Hunter has only known Hicks about six months, but in that time, he said they've become good friends. Hunter wanted to write this poem with his mom's help to show appreciation for all the work Hicks does.

"Well, he takes care of the building," Borden said. "And he makes sure the school isn't dark."

The poem goes on to talk about how Hicks has fixed things at the school for the past 25 years. He also talks about how Mr. Larry is a hero to him and his classmates because he was in the Army. Hunter's mom, Wendy said another reason why he wanted to write the poem is because of how Hicks treats the students.

"He always talks, jokes and laughs with Mr. Larry," Wendy said. "He always gives him high fives and hugs and so he just loves Mr. Larry."

It's not uncommon for Hunter and Hicks to sit down and have a conversation after school every day because Hunter is in the after-school program.

"We were sitting in the cafeteria one afternoon, and she decided to take a picture of us, and boom, next time we see it, it was in this writing and he won the contest and that was good," Hicks said. "He's smart too."

Hunter finished the poem stating that Mr. Larry works hard to keep all the students safe with a hug and a grin.

In addition to going to Monday night's Thunder game, Hunter won $500, an autographed item, and got recognized on the court.

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