Oklahoma, Texas in bottom half of 'Best States' rankings

Oklahoma, Texas in bottom half of 'Best States' rankings
A new list has been released ranking all of the states based on eight key categories. (Source KSWO)

Many people believe the state where they live is the best in the country, but U.S. News and World Reports has come out with their list ranking the all of the states from 1-50.

The group looked at eight key factors to come up with their rankings, including: health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime and corrections, fiscal stability and quality of life.

Oklahoma and Texas came in at 43rd and 36th, respectively, on the list.

Oklahoma's highest ranking came in at 17th for quality of life. According to the website, quality of life tracks states' air quality, pollution, voter participation, social support and more. The state's lowest rating was under the health care section which looks at health care access and affordability, health care quality and health outcomes for citizens. Oklahoma was ranked 48th.

Texas' economy pulled it's ranking higher on the list, coming in 8th in the nation. The group took into account unemployment rates, GDP growth, migration into the state, patents, new businesses and more when coming up with the economy rating. But the Lone Star State was near the bottom in the opportunity category, coming in 47th. U.S. News and World Reports said poverty, housing affordability and equality for women, minorities and people with disabilities made up their criteria for the opportunity section.

So who was #1? That would be the Hawkeye State.

Iowa ranked #1 in the country for infrastructure, meanwhile their worst ranking came under fiscal stability at 21st in the nation.

Louisiana is at the bottom of the list, scoring in the 40s in seven categories and dead last for opportunity.

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