Bulletproof storm shelters protect kids in Healdton, across Oklahoma

Bulletproof storm shelters protect kids in Healdton, across Oklahoma

HEALDTON, Ok (KOCO/CNN) - Dozens of copycat-type threats have been occurring in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

One small school district in Healdton, Oklahoma has a bold new way to keep children safe.

"You think those things are never, ever gonna happen in your school, but unfortunately they do, and some are caused by weather, and some are caused by man."

And that is why Healdton school leaders decided to install seven bulletproof storm shelters inside the elementary school and two larger ones in the middle school. Now they're working to get them in the high school as well.

"When tornadoes strike, and lord help us, when you have an intruder on campus, to know that you have somewhere quickly that's practice for the safety of your students. It's very relaxing," Superintendent Terry Shaw said. "As the kids flow in, the last teacher that comes in, shuts the door and you lock it down."

The company "Shelter in Place" tested the shelters with the superintendent inside.

"I volunteered, I did not feel comfortable putting these in my buildings if I wasn't willing to do it myself, so I offered to go inside," Shaw said. "But it was very surreal. I felt very comfortable, very safe."

The shelters can hold up to 35 students and two teachers. The bulletproof storm shelters in Healdton were the first to be installed in the country.

Shelter-in-place officials said they have since installed other shelters in Oklahoma, and are in talks with other school districts.

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