Tillman County D.A. explains bond reduction in Kinder case

Tillman County D.A. explains bond reduction in Kinder case
Many people asked about what appeared to be a drastic bond reduction in the Dakota Kinder case. (Source Tillman County)

TILLMAN COUNTY, Ok (RNN Texoma) - After it was reported that Dakota Kinder, the man accused of hitting and killing Dillon Barnard before leaving the scene in Tillman County back in October 2017, had his bond reduced from $100,000 to $3,500 many people contacted us wondering why there was such a drastic drop in his bond.

7News reached out to the Tillman County District Attorney's office for information on the situation and received some clarification.

District Attorney Ken Darby said they argued for a higher bond, but the judge who signed the order in the case, District Judge Brad Leverett, ultimately makes the final decision in these cases. They said judges take several things into consideration when making the decision. In this case, the fact that Kinder turned himself in and is not considered a flight risk was taken into account when lowering his bond.


They also explained the bond situation for our viewers. They said the original $100,000 bond was a surety bond, meaning the defendant would have had to pay 10% -- or $10,000 -- to get released from custody. The new $3,500 bond was a cash bond meaning the entire amount had to be paid for him to be released, so this means the $3,500 cash bond would be equal to a $35,000 surety bond.

Darby said that bond amounts are not meant to be used as punishment, instead are purely used to ensure the suspect in a case will show up at the next hearing.

The date for Kinder's next hearing has not been announced.

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