Judge grants stays in Oklahoma earthquake lawsuits

Judge grants stays in Oklahoma earthquake lawsuits
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STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) - Oklahoma residents who are suing oil and gas producers for earthquake damage to their homes and businesses must now wait for a federal judge's decision in another case.

The Stillwater News Press reports that Judge Phillip Corley granted a stay with a provision for monitoring until Sept. 6 in the cases involving White Star Petroleum LLC, New Dominion LLC and plaintiffs from Payne and Logan counties.

Attorneys from both companies requested stays until a decision is made about certifying the plaintiffs in a federal class action case. The attorneys say their clients are spending large amounts of money to make appearances in multiple courts and hope to avoid inconsistent rulings.

The plaintiffs' attorneys argued that the cases shouldn't be delayed because their clients deserve to be remedied without delay.

Information from: Stillwater News Press, http://www.stwnewspress.com

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