City of Duncan hires new Public Works Director

DUNCAN, OK (RNN Texoma) -The City of Duncan has hired Jonith Grundmann as its new Public Works Director and Engineer. She was hired about two weeks ago and replaces Alex Henry, who left at the beginning of the year.

Grundmann is working to upgrade things in the city. Improving the streets and water quality are at the top of her list. Even though she just moved into her office about a week ago, she's already picking up on previous projects that include assessment of the streets and the evaluation of sewer lines.
She's exited to be attending her first department head meeting next week, but overall she's happy to be working for the city of Duncan

"I'm going to work really hard to try too do what I can to get the Public Works, all the different groups, the money the personal, the equipment and possibly the training to do their job and do the best we can with what we have and that's my goal," said Grundmann.

Jonith Grundmann has big plans for the City of Duncan as the new Public Works Director and Engineer.

"I want to see improvements in the streets, I want to see improvements in the water. We want to also do some work at the Lakes," said Grundmann.

Grundmann has lived in Oklahoma for the last 30 years. Born and raised in Florida, she moved to several states attending three different high schools and even lived in Germany because her father was in the Air Force. After graduating from Iowa State University with a Civil Engineering degree she landed her first job with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation working in their training program.

"One of my big projects was here in Duncan was Elk Avenue, it's where they widened it from the two lanes to the three lanes they have now. That was one of my big projects and I did some county bridge projects," said Grundmann.

From there she worked for an engineering firm called HNTB Corporation managing Capital Improvements Projects before working for the City of Lawton.

"I designed and over saw the construction of 38th street between Gore and Cache and I think that project went fairly well," said Grundmann.

She also helped with a Bicycle Trails and Share Use Path Project before working in Duncan. She's been a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Oklahoma since 1990 and hopes her achievement will save the city some money.

"The former Public Works Director didn't have his PE so he wasn't able to be the engineer so they have to contract all that work out, hopefully I will be doing a lot of that work," said Grundmann.

Grundmann said her previous experience has helped prepare for the job she has now.

"I'm excited because it's a step up. I've been a civil engineer for quiet some time," said Grundmann.

When she's not working on projects she enjoys going to plays at the Duncan Little Theater. She lives in Duncan with her husband previously worked for Halliburton. She has three kids who all went to Oklahoma Sate University and majored in mechanical engineering.

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