GPTC encourages girls to pursue careers in STEM related fields

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Over 90 girls from area middle schools got hands on experience Saturday in science, technology, engineering and math or STEM related fields.

They got to pretend like they were doing a project for six different companies.

There were students from Fletcher, Geronimo and even some home schooled students that learned what it was like to be genetic engineers, chemist and aerospace engineers.

Some Central Middle School students say they learn a lot from these activities and this is exactly the kind of work they want to do when they grow up.

"I like science because it pushes me and it's really fun to do different activities and different lab activities and it challenges me to go father," said student.

"You get to keep trying it and trying it until you succeed," said student.

Marcia Brown, a Pre-Engineering Instructor at the Great Plains Technology Center hopes says there are less than 20 percent of women working in STEM related fields, so she hopes each girl left the event feeling inspired that they can be successful at it.

"Middle School is really the time where the young ladies start to decide am I interested in Science or math," said Brown. "Sometimes they think it's not cool or they wont be thought of highly so if we can show them how much fun it is, they can still maintain the 'yeah I will take that next science class or that next math class.'

This was the first year the Great Plains Technology Center held the event. They hope to do it again to inspire more students.

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