Community comes together during fire in Cache

CACHE, OK (KSWO) - The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon and destroyed two homes, two outbuildings, and several vehicles including an RV..
It burned an area from Highway 115 to 4th Street, and Cherry Road to Highway 62.

Fire officials are unsure what started it but say it was sparked just next to the on-ramp to highway 62.

One man who describes what he saw lost his home in the fire.

"I just smelled smoke and by the time I looked outside and by then we were surrounded by smoke," says Alan Whitepigeon.

He says his first concern was getting his dogs out safely and alerting his neighbors of the fire...

And Billy Cullins works at New Life Assembly Church in Cache.  He says he was driving by when he saw the flames along the on ramp and he decided to jump into action.

"I called 911 and the chief of police," said Cullins, "and I backed up the highway and just started knocking door to door to make sure everyone got out safely."

Several fire departments arrived to put out the flames and evacuate residents. 

Whitepigeon's home and a woman's home, just down the street, were destroyed in the fire, but no one was injured and many of the pets have been returned to their owners.  In the midst of the chaos and seeking shelter from the flames, a gas worker discovered this baby rabbit, singed, but alive.

The red cross is now helping both people and their families who lost their homes.  Whitepigeon says the efforts of the whole community were phenomenal.

"I have tears in my eyes to see our neighbors, friends, and family," said Whitepigeon.  "They came out grabbing fire hoses and trying to help as much as possible.  People lost but we've gained so much more."

The electricity was shut off while fire crews battled the flames but it's been turned back on.
Evacuated families have also been allowed to return to their homes.
If they are still looking for any lost pets they are urged to check the Cache Animal Control and Cache Community Petwatch Facebook pages.

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