Fireproof your home during wildfire season

Fireproof your home during wildfire season
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The wildfire season in Southwest Oklahoma has caused widespread damage. Lawton Fire Department has a few steps you can take to fireproof your home.

"When you get the relative humidity low, when you get a little bit of wind going and you got that dry vegetation, it's perfect conditions, perfect storm if you will for wildfire," said Mark Mitchell, Fire Marshal.

Mitchell said keeping your lawn hydrated and maintained as well as limiting the debris around your home can prevent a blaze from damaging or consuming your home.

"So that there is no fuel there," said Mitchell. "If a fire happens, say the house next door catches fire there's no fuel there for the fire to spread rapidly spread to your home."

Mitchell said it's these things that spark a fire like; cigarette butts and electrical issues. He recommends storing firewood and flammable materials 30 feet away from a home and to exercise caution with outdoor grilling and welding.

"There are people out here every day that run businesses that rely on being able to cut metal or steel or grind it into welding and those are definite heat sources," said Mitchell.

Although Mitchell doesn't recommend homeowners to defend their property against a wildfire, he said water hoses and sprinklers could help to diffuse it.

As for the inside of your home, Mitchel said it's also important to always check your smoke detectors.

"That smoke detector for the minimum amount of money you'll spend is a huge protection when they're asleep at night," said Mitchell. "It will give them early enough warning to get out before it's too late on a structure fire."

Lawton and Comanche County are not under a burn ban, however, they can be put back on at any time depending on the weather conditions.

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