Farmer finds unexploded ordnance, takes it to Cotton County Sheriff's Department

Farmer finds unexploded ordnance, takes it to Cotton County Sheriff's Department

WALTERS, Ok (KSWO) - Fort Sill's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was called to the Cotton County Sheriff's Office on Thursday after authorities said a farmer dropped off an unexploded military round at the department.

"He didn't realize that it could have possibly been a live munition and the proper way to handle it is to leave it alone until you call the people that have been trained to check these things out," said resident Bobby Sparks.

Sparks was at a donut shop when his longtime friend and local farmer walked in and told him about delivering the round.

He said this was the first time he's heard about someone dropping off a military round at a sheriff's office however, the farmer has personally come across them often.

"It was several times that he's found munitions out on his property," said Sparks. "And he says he used to know a gentleman that worked on Fort Sill and he would tell them about it and they would carefully take it into Fort Sill to be disarmed or whatever."

Sparks said the farmer told him he brought it to the sheriff's office hoping they could dispose of it properly.

For approximately three hours the parking lot of the sheriff's office and courthouse were barricaded and people were told to move their vehicles. The department was told to place the round a safe distance from the office.

The EOD team took the military round back to Fort Sill.

Sheriff Simpson said encountering the explosive device could have ended terribly.

"People are not experts on what a military round looks like so, it could have been something very serious," said Simpson. "And if you were to pick it up it could go off, you could be transporting in a vehicle and it could go off some even static electricity can send them off."

Fort Sill's EOD team is still investigating, but believe the round may have been a WWI smoke round.

Simpson sends a message to others that may come across the same situation.

"I would highly recommend that if anybody finds any type of military rounds not to touch them," said Simpson. "Call us and let us go out and we'll set up a perimeter and then EOD will come and do their job. Most definitely don't need to bring it to town."

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