The Friends of the Stephens County Humane Society Thrift Store closing

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COMANCHE, OK (KSWO)-For 15 years The Friends of the Stephens County Humane Society Thrift Store in Comanche has helped provide for cats and dogs at the shelter, but at the end of the month it plans to close its doors for good.

They are closing because they are lacking volunteers. The president over the thrift store Betty Burk said it was a tough decision to make.  Over the past years it's been her pride and joy to use some of the proceeds from the store to help the Humane Society purchase new items, stop animals from going to no-kill shelters, and provide $25 dollar spay and neuter certificates

"Sadly we are going to close not willingly at all. I'm going to be very lost without it," said Burk.

Burk is disappointed to close a place that's close to her heart. While it wasn't a decision she made lightly but over the years she hasn't had the help she needed to run the store.

"We just had to for that reason we didn't for any other because the community has been so generous all these years donating such very, very nice things for us," said Burk.

Old antiques, books, clothes, kitchen appliances, and picture frames are just some of the items donated. Burk said she is going to miss the loyal customers. One of them being  Betty Faye Petty of Duncan who shops at the thrift store every week.

"I'm going to miss it a whole lot because it was a blessing to be able to come down and meet people," said Petty.

On Thursday, Petty donated $80 dollars to the store, but is thankful the money is going towards the Stephens County Humane Society.

"I just feel blessed by being able to help someone to do something good for somebody especially try to save the little animals in Duncan," said Petty.

Robin Emerson is a volunteer and board member for the Stephens County Humane Society. She said over the years the friends have purchased new kennels for animals and even bought a new refrigerator to store medicine.

"The friends have historically helped the shelter with many many special projects when our washing machines go out and these shelters does about two to three loads of laundry a day, the friends stepped up and bought a new one," said Emerson.

Burk said she's grateful for so many people who helped along the way.

"Thank you to the community for all they have done and for all the people that have supported us we are very very grateful," said Burk.

The store will be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 to 4 until the end of the month.The items are marked down and range in price from 25 cents to five dollars.They will also continue to offer spay/neuter certificates until they run out at the store.

The Stephens County Humane society will not be closing.While the thrift store was a huge help, it was not there only source of  funding.

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